2014 "Crowd Series" Winner    Ultimate Music Moment x PDN / Relix

2014 "Crowd Series" Winner

Ultimate Music Moment x PDN / Relix

2016 "Performance" Winner

2016 "Artist Portrait" Winner

Ultimate Music Moment x PDN / B&H

Email: bethsaravo@gmail.com

Phone: (401) 451-9922

Locations: Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, AUSTIN, MINNEAPOLIS. 

Available for further travel.

Beth Saravo is an award-winning photographer who specializes in live music, lifestyle and automotive photography. Her experience stems from a childhood surrounded by family involved in photography which grew to a love to explore it on her own. Beth's work encompasses a love of human interaction combined with an appreciation for fleeting moments. Through her photos, she aims to capture time in single frames, working with clients to explore the possibility of honest and clean yet exciting photographs. Beth graduated with a B.S in Digital Media, Graphic Design and Photography.

Photo Courtesy of  @Elliottxingham